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State Office New Hours
The State Office is open daily from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday. The State Administrator is in the office usually Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you need to meet with the State Administrator please call during office hours to be sure that he is available. State Administrator is PDG Tim Wilson and Office Specialist is Lion Nathan Tosten.

Welcome New Lions
Congratulations to our newest club in Iowa. The Fort Des Moines Lions Club held their r Charter Night on December 7th. Work continues on finishing up the Charter applications for clubs in Parks area of Des Moines, Polk City,Guttenberg, Corning, Waukee, Ely, and Bellevue. If you have relatives, friends or business associates in any of these towns whom you feel should be contacted about joining a Lions Club, please let the State Office know. If you have names or can help in any of these communites please let us know as well. Teams are available to come and work in any area to start new clubs. This is an exciting and rewarding part of sharing what we do in Lionism. If you would like to help start new clubs, let Global Membership Coordinaotr PDG Connie Inman or SA Gary Fry know. We started 2 new clubs in 2012-13. How many more this year?

The 2014 Iowa Lions State Convention was held on June 6-8, 2014 at the Cedar Rapids Marriott.
Many seminars and training sessions took place as well as the Iowa Lions business meeting. At that meeting four amendments were approved by the attendees. These amendments were concerning a dues increase, the campaign fund and wording changes to the Iowa Lions Foundation By-laws. Many reports were presented at the meeting updating everyone on Iowa Lions Kidsight,Iowa Lions Foundation, LCIF, Leadership Training, USA/Canada Forum and International Convention.
Our guests for the event were International Director Steve Glass and PDG Cindy Glass. Also present were Iowa Lions' own International Director Judy Hankom and PDG Ron Hankom.

Check back for updated information on the 2015 Iowa Lions State Convention.

We as Iowa Lions have an opportunity to help meet the needs of our Iowa Lions Foundation by making an individual donation. For a donation of $20 or more you receive an "I Gave" pin. This year's pin is orange. A new pin is issued each year with this being the sixth year. Pins from the first five years are available from the State Office for $20 or more each. Contact your Iowa Lions Foundation Trustee or the State Office to become a donor to support the Foundation.

As we end the tax year and if you are looking for a non-profit charity to donate money, have you thought about donating to the Iowa Lions Foundation? The Iowa Lions Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt non for profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible. For donations amounting to $1000, Warren Coleman Honorary Awards, can be awarded. If you are already a Wareen Coleman recipient a progressive program now exists. For additional donations in $1000 increments pins showing your level can be obtained. For more information contacy us at the State Office.

Tree Planting Opportunity
2011-2012 International President Dr. Tam set as one of his priorities to plant over 1,000,000 trees worldwide. Here is an opportunity to help your community and be part of this worldwide effort. We recently became aware of a summer program called “Trees For Kids/Trees For Teens”. It is a conservation education and Tree Planting grant program. The Iowa DNR provides grants for up to $5000.00 for tree planting on school property or other public property. They are looking for schools that may need trees, and volunteers to help organize or help the students plant the trees. If you, or your local club may be interested in helping a school plant trees through this grant program, please contact Laura S. Wagner, Operation ReLeaf/Trees for Kids Coordinator, department of Natural Resources, Forestry Bureau, Wallace State Office Building. 502 E 9th Street, Des Moines, 50319-0034. Telephone number is 515-281-6749.

Since Iowa had a candidate for International Director, the Iowa portion of dues will increase by $1 per member as of July 1, 2011. This increase will continue until the Campaign Fund has a balance of $50,000. Thi $1 is assessed to every member and is not subject to the family dues reduction. Full member dues will be $21.00 and family/student dues will be $11.00 per year, payable 1/2 in July and 1/2 in January.

There still seems to be some confusion on the Family Dues issue. At the International Convention in Boston in 2006, the delegates passed an amendment to the International Constitution. This amendment provided for a family dues structure. Up to five Lions in the same family, living at the same address and belonging to the same Lions Club are eligible. One member of the family is designated as the head of household and up to four more can be listed as members in the same household. The dues for the first member is currently $43 per year and for the other members of the family it is currently $21.50 per member. The “Family Dues” rules apply also to State of Iowa dues which are currently $21.00 per year for the first member and $11.00 for additional family members. TO QUALIFY FOR THE FAMILY MEMBERSHIP IN IOWA, EACH CLUB SECRETARY MUST SEND THE NAMES OF FAMILY MEMBERS TO THE STATE OFFICE. Failure to do so will mean no family discount on State Dues. Most of our Districts have adopted a District dues of $5-7.50 per year. ALL DUES BILLINGS TO THE CLUBS ARE BASED ON CLUB MEMBERSHIP AS RECORDED BY LIONS CLUBS INTERNATIONAL AS OF JUNE 30TH AND DECEMBER 31ST EACH YEAR. If you have any questions please contact us at your State Office.

At the International Convention in Chicago an amendment was passed that could be a big help in recruiting younger members. Any person 18 years of age or older and enrolled in an educational institution can join a Lions club and pay only ˝ of the regular International dues of $41 per year. This applies to students in Campus Clubs, but also applies to students in all clubs as long as they are a student. We have started our first Campus club in Iowa and hopefully we will have more campus clubs to report soon. Campus club members do not pay a new member fee and their dues is roughly $35 a year. Paying the membership fees might be a gift idea for some person 18-30 enrolled in higher education. This also would be a way to keep our graduating LEOs in Lions while they prepoare for their adult life.

The State Office is the official distributor of Lion Mints for the State. There are four flavors available: peppermint; wintergreen, fizzy fruit and a sugar free spearmint. If you need mints please let us know. Mints can be picked up in Ames or shipped directly to you for a $5 shipping charge. Lion Clubs of Iowa receives money to help meet the budget from the sale of these mints. For more information contact us at or 515-232-2215.

Tours of your State Office are available upon request. While here you can see how your State Office functions. We do have a conference room where you could hold a meeting. If your Club is looking for a "road trip" meeting, come visit us.


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